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watchOS 3 and Auto unlock

Updated: Aug 12, 2019

I’ve been throwing caution to the wind of late, which is refreshing and laudable in a young man with the world at his feet, a story in his heart and the vigor of youth. As I’m now quite definitely in my mid-forties this kind of thing has now firmly migrated out from the territory that might be called The Impetuousness Of Youth and has instead ended up in the somewhat leaner domain of Lunatic Midlife Eccentricity.

To whit: I’ve installed the macOS Sierra, iOS 10 and watchOS betas on all my main production devices (12″ Macbook, iPhone 6s, Apple… er, Watch. There’s only one of those I guess).

So far it’s been a low impact exercise; everything more or less works as expected, and nicely too. If you do what Seth and I do for a living it’s usually a good idea to jump onboard a new platform as soon as possible – that way you’re up on it’s assorted foibles, failings and limitations before it rolls out to your client base. The only real design beef I have with the thing is this: watchOS does an excellent job of unlocking your Mac. But it doesn’t lock it if you go out of range. It’s such a specific design choice that it seems odd – as if someone thought about it and decided that yes, we’ll allow people to skip the password-entering bit of the equation, but require them to take steps to lock their device? Nah.

I’d hope that this would be something that would be fixed before the thing rolls out, but I suspect that this is something that we’re going to have to rely on third parties to solve for us. Bah.

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