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“Highly qualified,” meet “socially competent”

We tend to talk about certifications and specializations in our business, but we think what really sets the people of Command Prompt apart has as much to do with personality as it does technology. Of course, the people of Command Prompt wrote this, so maybe that’s not a surprise.


The first Mac I ever laid eyes on was in 1985, when my uncle, who was a logistics officer for Apple at the time, brought one to my parents house. I don’t remember why he had a 512k Mac with him on vacation, but from that point on I wanted one.

I acquired my first Mac in 1990 from a friend, it had been painted black—which was too cool. I loved that little Mac, it was under powered, ran OS 7.1, had no optical drive, and the monitor was tiny; but I accomplished and learned more than I could have ever imagined.

In 1999. Apple released the first of the G4 towers, and shortly after, I had one on my desk. Later that year, Apple sent me an email with an offer I couldn’t refuse. It was a self paced Technician training course on CD & DVD, once again I ponied up the cash. Through December of 1999, and most of 2000, I worked full time and studied at night. Then in early 2001, I took and passed, the OS and Hardware Technician exams. I was ready to take on the world. It was about a month later that I found a tech job at a local Apple Specialist, and I haven’t looked back.

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