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​Look at your computer.


It’s not a generic box. It’s not even a high-end PC. It’s a Mac, and it didn’t get there by accident. You chose it for a reason—maybe because of how Apple technology works, or how your home or business works, or what your employees need to do their best work. Or maybe you chose a Mac just because of who you are.

Now let us tell you who we are. Command Prompt is the most highly certified Apple service consultancy in Santa Barbara and Ventura County. We don’t sell laptops or desktops or cute little covers for iPods. We don’t drive around in gimmicky cars or talk about ourselves as geeks to make people feel more comfortable hiring a technology expert. We do one thing, and we do it better than anyone else: we find exactly the right solutions for the Apple technology issues you’re facing, deliver them so you can get back to the things you’re best at, and manage to treat you like a human being while we’re at it.

You’ve made one great choice. Now make another, and let’s get your Macs working the way you need them to.


Managed IT Services


Using world class RMM (Remote Monitoring & Management) tools and one of the industries top rated providers, Command Prompt can keep a watchful an eye on the health of your Macs, PCs and network equipment––even remote in for quick fix, or alert you to potential issues before they result in down time and lost revenue. It’s like having an IT department without the cost of having a IT department.

  • Real Time Monitoring

  • Remote Support

  • Antivirus

  • Malware Protection

  • Automated Patching & Maintenance

  • Mac & Windows

Servers & Networking

Have an existing on-premises server, NAS (Network Attached Storage), or networking infrastructure that needs attention, an upgrade? Rest assured, Command Prompt has the knowledge, the training, and the experience, to get the best out of your existing equipment. And if you're starting from scratch, we go that covered too.

Or maybe you need file storage, sharing for two, or multiple teams that require multiple shards folders. Command Prompt can accommodate. Be it a NAS, MacOS X Server, Dropbox or Google Drive, we have the experience and tools to create a seamless workflow, organize your users and secure your data.


Cloud Integration

In todays fast moving environments, you can still have all the benefits of an on-premises directory, plus the user and password management you require, with DaaS (Directory as a Service). 

As a Google partner Command Prompt can not only get you setup with G Suite, but can help you migrate your existing mail, setup your signatures, assist with the domain verification, DNS  records, and get your staff up to speed on all the features and functions of life with G-Suite.

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